Awesome Sprint Race Map

The Awesome Sprint Race Map is one of the best race map I’ve ever played !!! Seriously, this map is a very extensive and extreme parkour map. However, this map is made with the idea of co-op play. The main difference of this mod between another sprint parkour maps is the feature that one of the team plays the map, while the other player times their run. And you can change and swap to find out who is better at sprint parkour.

Most of parkour maps brings dark light, gloomy and terrible terrain with difficult obstacle, however, this map is a difference. This Awesome Sprint Race map has a cheerful and colorful vibe. As you can see the screenshots below, this map is so beautiful !!

It is very challenging and brings to players many fun moments. And don’t worry, this map works with many other Minecraft mods and packs so you can install it easily.