Letters From a Dead Earth Map

December the Twenty-first, a day which all of us could not forget. It has just passed and we’re still alive 2015, but rumors about it is never end. Letters from a dead earth map takes place in a post-apocalyptic fiction earth. You don’t know anything about this earth, what happen or when did it happen, everything is a mystery you have to find out by yourself.

The hints are scattered all around the map and main question are placed in different places. Don’t worry, one quest leads to another, so you can follow these story line to solve the mystery. This earth has no rules, no strict guides that you have to oblige, just play and explore things, do what you want to do. You are allowed to do anything, from farming or breaking blocks, or even swimming, your actions are not restricted.

By the way, there are many challenges you have to complete, most of them were submitted by users. Guess what, some of the major challenges are destroy every single NPC and their village too, and if you want, you can explore all of the main sites of the game.