OSRS farming

I’m still playing OSRS and i’ve started working on my farming skills. If you’re trying to do the same this blog is gonna come quite handy imo. However if you’re looking for a private server to start playing osrs for free without having to pay for membership id head on over to this runescape private serverlist.

What can you even do with farming ?
In OSRS, like in real life, farming consists of planting your seeds and letting them grow, then harvesting the results. Now it may be a bit more complicated then that, but thats the gist of it. You can only plant in the farming patches. However don’t get bogged down with the idea that you can only use this to plant the plants or herbs for cooking, you can also plant trees to use for your woodcutting training, letting you train both skills at the same time.

Why would i even want to level up farming ?
While it may seem tedious, farming is actually used to get a few methods of transportation making your travel times a lot faster. The most common ones are the balloon and fairy ring transportation quests which require farming skill of 30 and 49 respectively. The other reason obviously is to make money. You can do so with farming contracts which become available at level 45 and you can join the next tiers at 65 and 85. The last method is also making the herb runs, which is always a good way to make money, but you’re going to need high farming skills for it.

How to level it ?
The way it makes most sense to me is to start with the Fairytale quest, the first part of which gives you enough exp to get you to level 17. The next step is to do tree runs, which involve going to a tree patch and paying the nearby farmer the necessary amount of money and giving him sapling of your chosen tree for him to plant. This method nets you a lot of experience and as you go higher you can start planting higher tiers of trees granting you even more experience.

Now that you know what to use farming for and how to level it, it’s time to put it to good use. Start leveling it today and soon you’re gonna be making tonnes of money with herb runs. You can also find a free private OSRS server here https://serverlist101.com, so you don’t have to pay for membership to play.

OSRS weapons

Weapons tend to be found in most online games. You generally want to use the right one for the job, so today im going to do a quick overview of them all.


Daggers are generally useless, they’re mostly used for their special abilities with the notably one being the double hit. Mostly underwhelming.


Swords are the archetypal weapon of the medieval era games and are obviously present in runescape in great number with the most popular being the dragon scimitar and a not-so-close second being the dragon longsword.


Generally maces aren’t particularly useful since they have quite poor damage, compared to the swords. However there are a few exceptions like the ancient mace, which can be used to drain the prayer points from your enemies.


These exclusive two-handed weapons are generally slow, however they have prodigious damage. With the two notables being the Zamorakian spear and Crystal Halberds which are useful in end-game raids.


Staves are generally used by magic-users and when they are they are quite useful. With the elemental staves enabling you to cast spells without expending certain runes they also generally increase your magic accuracy, so they are a welcome addition to any mages outfit.


There exist long and shortbows, however the longbows are generally ignored since they have such a slow attack speed. With most of the endgame actually being dominated by the rune crossbow.

Hope this was of help, see you next time.

Runescape private server

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See ya around,