Runescape private server

Recently I’ve been dipping my feet back in Runescape and since I was disappointed by jagex and their servers i figured i might as well try to find myself a better run one. I found a whole list of them at and I found myself enjoying rs once more. Once I didn’t have to grind out the levels only to enjoy wearing the best armor and running around wildy pwning newbs, I found myself taking the it a bit easier since i didn’t have to treat RS as my other job, rather a way to decompress after a stressful week at the job. There’s plenty of private servers to pick and choose from and I know you too can find one that suits your wants.

See ya around,

Temple of the Sun God Map

Have you ever played Tomb Raider: Lara Croft ? Or watched Indiana Jones which is a very famous film about adventure ? This Temple of the Sun God map is a special gift for Minecraft fan who in love with this type of action, this map giving you ancient Egyptian structures and beautiful creative landscapes.

This map allows players to join an adventure. You’re an explorer and your mission is to find the temple of the Sun God. It sounds pretty easy but you must to remember, everything is not what it seems, there are thousand of traps and weird creatures waiting for you.

This temple is the location of the throne of the Sun God, and the special of this temple is the crown, which is his link to this planet.

When you’ve reached the temple, you must to try your best Minecraft skills and strength to find the crown, the way to get victorious.

Letters From a Dead Earth Map

December the Twenty-first, a day which all of us could not forget. It has just passed and we’re still alive 2015, but rumors about it is never end. Letters from a dead earth map takes place in a post-apocalyptic fiction earth. You don’t know anything about this earth, what happen or when did it happen, everything is a mystery you have to find out by yourself.

The hints are scattered all around the map and main question are placed in different places. Don’t worry, one quest leads to another, so you can follow these story line to solve the mystery. This earth has no rules, no strict guides that you have to oblige, just play and explore things, do what you want to do. You are allowed to do anything, from farming or breaking blocks, or even swimming, your actions are not restricted.

By the way, there are many challenges you have to complete, most of them were submitted by users. Guess what, some of the major challenges are destroy every single NPC and their village too, and if you want, you can explore all of the main sites of the game.

Awesome Sprint Race Map

The Awesome Sprint Race Map is one of the best race map I’ve ever played !!! Seriously, this map is a very extensive and extreme parkour map. However, this map is made with the idea of co-op play. The main difference of this mod between another sprint parkour maps is the feature that one of the team plays the map, while the other player times their run. And you can change and swap to find out who is better at sprint parkour.

Most of parkour maps brings dark light, gloomy and terrible terrain with difficult obstacle, however, this map is a difference. This Awesome Sprint Race map has a cheerful and colorful vibe. As you can see the screenshots below, this map is so beautiful !!

It is very challenging and brings to players many fun moments. And don’t worry, this map works with many other Minecraft mods and packs so you can install it easily.

Battlestar Galactica Ship Map

Have you seen one of the most popular TV show called Battlestar Galactica? Have you ever think about the full size of this ship, and have a chance to explore it ? If you want to do these thing, we have a gift for you.

It is Battlestar Galactica Ship map for Minecraft !! Guess what, this map is a painstakingly recreated from the original shape of the ship from the series film with a full scale version. What you can see is fully detailed ship with exterior and interior, brings this map to one of the biggest and most detailed ships in Minecraft.

Do you the exactly block size of this map ? 1400 x 500 x 200, so you know how this map going to be big, bigger than any other ship you’ve ever explored. This ship is made of over fine million blocks, so … it’s too huge to imagine.

All essential things about the Minecraft game!

There are so many things in the world from which we can take all-important fun and entertainment for life, without proper enjoyment we can’t take appropriate relaxation and can’t make ourselves ready to work again in the offices where we all get all the money to live our livelihoods. The games like Minecraft are enough to provide all the essential things in mobile phones and computer that we use daily to learn the necessary work of our life. All the computers and mobile phone help us to complete the job in a rapid speed, but along with all the work you can also play some crucial games like Minecraft in the mobile or any computers daily, you don’t need to go anywhere out of the house or from the office to get all the essential fun for life. Today I will teach you some basics about the making of rights and Secure server in the Minecraft game before I proceed to the topic I would like to tell you some other important things which are quite necessary to learn to add a server in the mobile or the computers see below for the maximum help in the game. 

Before adding any server on the mobile or the computer, we need to understand some basics for the procedure of adding the server in the mobiles of machines. The Minecraft game is developed by the Swedish company who was so many features in the game also you can play this game in a single-player mode, or a multiplayer mode is a it is upon your wish if you really want to play the game in a multiplayer mode then you need to learn some basics which is given below to help you out in getting all the fun and entertainment in the game while playing the Minecraft game in a multiplayer mode.

  • You can take the help of man internet websites, which are available on the internet. Take the help of the security websites, all the sites for free to access, and you can take any advice to make the right server for the Minecraft game. You can also take the help of YouTube website which is also known as the best search engines in the world, there are so many videos available for the making of secure server in the Minecraft game you are always free to take the help of the videos to make a good and right server for the Minecraft game.
  • We all know that adding more and more services in the game may cause some severe damage to our computers and mobile phones. There is always a threat of being hacked by the hacker for the games, who are still seeking a chance to get into your computer and mobile phone.

Finally I can say that all the words is enough to give you all the basics of making the secure server in Minecraft game.

Things to know about Minecraft servers!

We play so many games in our life to remove all the stress and tension. The games like Minecraft are also suitable for complete relaxation in the home. You don’t need to go anywhere to get all the excellent entertainment for life. There are so many games available in the world, but we need to choose according to our choice and interest to get all the decent fun of playing the game. Google and ios platforms almost do their best to give all the eight experience to the gamers. That’s why mobile gaming nowadays getting bigger and bigger with the days goes on. If you are a small age boy or girl, then you might love to play the Minecraft game. The developers of the game beautifully design the game, and you don’t need to pay a single penny for the game download from the various sources.

The game is only available for single-player gaming, but if you need to play this game in a multiplayer mode, then you might need to make a Minecraft server, which is essential to play all the multiplayer gaming in this game. Just collect some computers and modem to start playing the game along with your friends and relatives. There are many things which we need to make a right Minecraft server, and today I will explain to you some decent points over the Minecraft sever making.

  • The main requirement of making the Minecraft server is to play the Minecraft game along with some friends and relatives. And due to this, some gamers want to make a Minecraft server.
  • There are so many ways available to make the right Minecraft server for the game, but the most suited type is getting connected to the internet. 
  • For this, you need a good internet speed which will help you to play the game nicely on the computers. Without the superior speed of the internet, you will face some difficulty related to the speed and graphics quality of the game.
  • It is better to search for some videos available on YouTube, which offers helpful information in the videos to make all essential servers to make all-important multiplayer gaming.
  • Apart from searching on YouTube, you can also explore some sites which are also famous for to make the servers. Many experts put their views on making the right server for the Minecraft game.
  • By searching all the videos and sites, you will help yourself to make the right server for the game. 
  • Your children will love to play the game in the multiplayer mode by just doing simple steps to make the server.


Finally, I can say that all the words given in the article are enough to provide you ample help in completing the game in the multiplayer mode. All the mine craft servers are enough to offer you all the pleasant experience of playing the game in multiplayer modes. Just follow the whole article to get all the decent help in making the servers for the game 

How are good minecraft server identified?

The minecraft servers are a type of server for gaming. Kids play it all over the world. This server can be played in both modes either in solo or as multiplayer. By creating your fraction site, parents can restrict the gaming of the kids and can keep a check over the playing of the kids. The servers provide a safe site for playing online games.

The minecraft servers can allowa person to restrict the entry of any player on the site and you can invite your family members or friends or other relatives to play online games with them in multiplayer. It helps in the growth of the community. While playing games in the server, a person should consider the cost of online playing and the environment also matters in which the kid is playing.

Factors which makes minecraft servers good in playing 

While choosing a suitable server for playing, there are few things which should be considered for selecting the best.

1. A good server is that which only provides the same modes. There should be variety in the ways of the game. A person should be allowed to change the texture of the game. The server should not allow the person to play only base games. Different stages of the games should be fixed as easy, hard, and difficult for playing of the kids. The server always includes custom content if it is not just for survival.

2. Kids demand variety in playing games, if you provide only one game to be played in solo or as multiplayer then the kid will not indulge in the gaming server. There should be different games available for playing to kids.

3. The minecraft servers should be easy to handle, and a person can easily login into it. If there are rush and error in the opening of the server, then it will be disliked by the kids. The server should be accessible to the person. In the opinion of experts, the login system is useless in the gaming server. There is no need for a login system; it should be opened directly.

4. The website on which the gaming server has been made should be an excellent website. The proper assistance should be provided to the user on account of any query. A good minecraft server is that which is having a good website which provides an email helpline facility which solves the problem and questions of the user. If anyone is not in a position to afford a good website, then they can make a shop for a gaming server.

5. The active server attracts more user to play on the site. In order of having a busy server, all the players of the server should actively participate in the gaming. The playing by Youtuber can make it a more active player base server.

6. The playing ground of the server should be attractive. If a person has a mind of playing the game for a short time, the beautiful lobby can make them a permanent player.

Minecraft server hosting

So you want to start your own server and you’re not sure on where you should host it? Let’s go over some of the options…

First and most obvious idea is home hosted server, you can even host it on your own PC but generally that’s a bad idea as performance won’t be that good, should be enough for up to 10 players to (on decent hardware). You will also need DynDNS or static IP (static IP is preferred so players won’t get disconnected).

Second option would be shared host, some even provide free trials or free servers for servers with low playerbase, however the downside is generally the fact that you can’t modify server jar or in some cases can’t even install own or custom plugins.

What’s about big servers and custom servers? They usually rent hardware from providers like OVH, where they would set up own servers from scratch. It usually costs more but the upside is you have full control over your server and operating system – generally you also need someone to handle all that.

So there you have it 🙂 personally I would start with homehosted server is possible and once you have players rolling in you gradually upgrade.

Minecraft, second Monitor issues?

I’ve been having this really strange issue recently, and I can’t seem to find a fix.

As the title says, on launch, Minecraft would trigger my secondary monitor to black out and periodically flicker. The game seems to also not use the GPU at all while in this state, and Minecraft would stutter, making it virtually unplayable. I’ve tried reinstalling and rolling back my graphics drivers to no avail.

The strangest thing is, this issue only seems to occur after playing GTA 5. No other games trigger this to happen, and the problem would go away after a restart, although this can be finicky as well.

Any help would be highly appreciated, thank you.